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Dryden Optometry P.C.

Melissa C. Oltz, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Eye Exams and Eye Health Services Located in Falcon Optical

What we offer

Double Vision? 
Headaches? Trouble Focusing or keeping your place while you read?
History of Concussion?

We offer a wide variety of services including comprehensive medical eye exams, problem focused exams, vision therapy, visual rehabilitation, dry eye and lid treatments including gland expressions and BlephEx treatments for those with sticky, crusty, and/or irritated eyelids.
Come check out our family run optical and eye center!
Dryden Optometry works with Falcon Optical ( to address all your vision and eye health concerns. We are a small clinic with a big personality and would love for you to come and see us for all your vision needs!
If your symptoms are eye related, we can treat the cause and get you into the best mode of vision correction and/or training/rehab that will get you back on track with your daily needs. Whether you need prism or complicated lenses, our presence in Falcon Optical gives you direct access to William Rich, optician, who has expertly cut lenses to the most challenging prescriptions Dr. Oltz has thrown at him. 
Hope to see you soon!
Dryden Optometry P.C.
88 North St
Dryden, NY  13053
Phone: 607-844-9477
Fax: 607-844-9478
Exams Offered: Mon, Wed, Fri
Monday: 10AM-5PM
Wednesday: 2-7PM
Friday: 1-6PM
Whether you just need an eye exam or you have some more pressing issues, Dryden Optometry is here to help. With our friendly staff and capable doctor we look forward to making your experience the best it can be.
Our doors are always open to new and old clients so feel free to call and schedule an appointment today! We want to help you see the world more clearly!